I think there’s value in understanding the root cause of our anger, even if it’s a situation bigger than we are, something we feel powerless to change. For myself, I often need to dive deeper than what I identify as the cause. If it’s a corporate policy, for example, what about it makes me angry

  • A sense of powerlessness?
  • Injustice?
  • A feeling of being unheard/ignored and thus the message that I’m unimportant?

It’s easy to think things like, “Oh, I’m angry at injustice,” but the truth is that we all experience injustice in many forms, every day. We only notice and feel provoked anger in response to some of those experiences. Why those? Are they all related to money? To job security? To family relationships? Etc.

I’ve found it valuable to ask myself those kind of questions, because I usually discover that there’s old beliefs and thought patterns that are contributing to my anger. Once I deal with those, I can often find more options than I saw before in the situation.

Thanks for reading, and for your feedback on my piece needing more solutions. I’ll keep that in mind for future writing.

Life is an experiment | All this and more: https://tinyurl.com/y54maxgv |☠️ Sweary☠️

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