I get what you’re saying but I also want to say that there are ways to be a freelance writer with a sustainable business model.

I agree that the standard freelancing writing approach — taking on whatever comes your way for whatever rate you’re offered and hoping enough of those ‘opportunities’ continue coming — is NOT a viable business model. Any sort of job in which your income is directly tied to your hours and you have no/little control over a) the wage tied to each hour or b) the hours you’ll actually get to work leave you dependent and unstable, and that seems to be the typical freelance model. It took me a while to work my way out of that position and I did so (finally) because I love writing and want to do it but I realized that the way I was doing so was not sustainable. I needed to exert more control over my career and income, and that meant I had to change my business model to something that put me in control. I dictate my own rates and set my own hours and do the writing I want to do and have a fucking awesome time doing it.

All that’s kind of missing the main point of your article, sorry (it’s really great) but I feel an irresistible internal pull whenever I see “freelance writing” equated with “barely making it.” I mean, IT IS that way, most of the time. But it doesn’t have to be.

Great writing. I am relating heavily to your non-relatable post.

Life is an experiment | All this and more: https://tinyurl.com/y54maxgv |☠️ Sweary☠️

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