Do You Need to Have a Plan to Be Productive?

Good plans, bad plans, and what to do instead of planning

Pretty. But helpful? Hmmmmm. | Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

I want planning to be a worthwhile use of my time. I want to be justified in making a plan, having a plan, carrying a planner around, getting upset when my plan gets derailed, and (continually) updating my plan.

When Having a Plan Is Helpful

Good Plans vs Bad Plans

What Is a Bad Plan?

Try This Simple Habit Instead of Planning

What Is a Good Plan?

A Good Plan Is Focused

A Good Plan Includes Buffer

A Good Plan Has Few Dependencies

A Good Plan Is Realistic

A Good Plan Is Both Flexible and Rigid

Will You Follow Your Plan?

If planning is another form of procrastination, you’re better off skipping the plan. Get up and get started. Don’t plan: act.

Do You Need a Plan?

Do This to Figure Out If You Need a Plan

Life is an experiment | All this and more: |☠️ Sweary☠️

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